Nic Pehkonen


Nic Pehkonen (b. 1969) is an artist based in Gloucestershire, UK and one of the current artists in residence at The Wilson Art Gallery and Museum, Cheltenham in 2024. His practice is predominantly focussed on interrogating the UK’s present day nuclear activities, fusing fact and fiction and past/future time travelling devices to explore intertwined themes of power, technology, weapons and waste.

Since 2022 he has been the self-appointed curator and permanent artist-in-residence at the Nuclear Information Centre (NIC), a fictional organisation that functions as a nomadic visitor centre and vehicle for ongoing research.

Nic graduated in 2023 with an MA in Fine Art from the University of Gloucestershire. Prior to this he was producing work on a self-taught part-time basis, predominantly through the medium of painting, exploring subject matter ranging from early home computing and arcade games, aerial landscapes and Cold War military architecture.

“The NIC is a space where official and unofficial informational boundaries are intentionally blurred and questions of ambiguity, selectivity and trust are tacitly raised.”

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Nic is one of the current artists in residence at The Wilson Art Gallery & Museum, Cheltenham as part of their 2024 Artist Bursary Programme. He will be using this year-long opportunity to take the Nuclear Information Centre on a deep time dive into the realm of nuclear waste and geological disposal considering the idea of a future GDF as a toxic archive of human generated nuclear activity.


Encircled - Deep Time @ Fringe Arts Bath (May/June 2024).

Nuclear Football (see link on this page) was most recently at large in 44AD Artspace, Bath as part of the Bath Open 2023, organised by Fringe Arts Bath, 12-28 October 2023.